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Add ISO3166 Subdivision codes to Maps

Original post from our old UserVoice platform:

I'm working on the implementation of Maps in our application. Internally, we identify states as ISO3166's subdivision codes. It seems that this codes do not always match the "hc-key" provided in some maps. For example, for Argentina: 

"features": [ 
"type": "Feature", 
"id": "AR.TF", 
"properties": { 
"hc-key": "ar-tf", 
"woe-name": "Tierra del Fuego", 

While in the ISO, the code is different: 
Tierra del Fuego -> "AR-V"

"ar-tf" != "AR-V". In general, in US states the only difference is the letter case (it's lowercase for hc-key, while it's upper case to ISO).

Can we add the ISO subdivisionCode in your provided Maps, maybe as a new metadata key?

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